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Compaq NC3123 174831-001 10/100

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Part numbers Option Part #: 174830-B21

Spare Part #: 174831-001

Assembly #: 174829-001
Bus interface PCI 32-bit, 33-MHz bus
Data transfer 32-bit bus-master PCI, 10 or 100Mb/s, Auto negotiating
Transmission modes Full and half duplex
Compliance IEEE 802.3u (10/100 Base-TX)
Power requirements 250mA @+5V max.
Certifications FCC Class B, CE Mark, VCCI
Connector One RJ-45 connectors
Buffer memory 6KB per port
Communication processor Intel 82559 chip set
Supported cabling CAT 3, 4, 5 UTP (2 or 4 pair), Up to 100 meters (328 feet)
Standard Features
  • Half- and full-duplex operation. Full Duplex at 20Mbps for Ethernet, 200Mbps for Fast Ethernet.
  • 6 KB of buffer memory, FIFO.
  • Automatically senses 10 and 100Mbps. Auto-negotiation (hardware and software implementations)
  • Network Fault Tolerance capability when configured with a 2nd NIC.
  • PCI Hot Plug compatible.
  • WOL, Wake On LAN using 3-pin header or through the PCI Bus.
  • AOL, Alert On LAN support.
  • ALB, Adaptive Load Balancing. and Cisco's Fast EtherChannel are two port bonding methods supported by the NC3123. ALB provides both failover and balancing of transmit traffic across NICs for increased performance.
  • Plug and Play capability and PCI 2.2 support.
  • 32-bit / 33 MHz Bus Mastering.
  • 32-bit, PCI 10/100 Wake on LAN (WOL)
  • Supports Windows NT4.0 and NT3.51, Novell NetWare 3.12, 3.2, 4.11, 4.2 and 5.0 and UNIX operating systems
  • LEDs for activity, link integrity, and speed (10 or 100 Mb/s)
  • PCI Hot Plug compliant (available on Microsoft NT 4.0 and NetWare 4.0, 4.11, 4.2, and 5.0)
  • Configurable for Network Fault Tolerance (NFT), Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB), and Cisco Fast EtherChannel operations under NetWare 4.0, 4.11, 4.2, and 5.0
  • One RJ-45 port operating at 10 or 100 Mb/s
  • 64/32-bit , 33 Mhz PCI host-interface compliant
  • ACPI and PC98 compliant
  • Built-in Compaq Network Teaming and Configuration (CPQNTAC) utility provides NIC teaming, diagnostics, and statistics for Windows NT 4.0 users and diagnostics and statistics for Windows NT 3.51 users. Windows 95 users can access CPQSET, a utility providing diagnostics and statistics.
  • Compaq SmartStart v4.4 compatible



  • Microsoft Windows 95 & 98
  • Windows NT 3.5x & 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Novell NetWare 3.12, 4.x & 5.x Server
  • IBM OS/2 Warp 4
  • MS-DOS Client 6.x / Windows 3.1 / Windows for Workgroups 3.11 with NDIS 2.0
  • SCO UNIX 5.x
  • SCO UnixWare 7.x
  • Linux.

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